Spanakopita calzone

This meal reminded me of the kind of thing Sara and I would have come up with together if we still lived down the road from each other. (Sara would have had the pizza dough rising and I would have had the spinach and feta.) I threw it together last night because I wasn’t in the mood for traditional pizza, which I was making for the kids.

I split the pizza dough I had in half, and let N. do his thing on the the boys’ pizza. I sauteed some onion, garlic, and a bag of fresh spinach from my favorite local farm store, squeezed some lemon juice over the whole thing, threw in some crumbled feta (I used fat free, I don’t notice a difference), and folded it into the dough. Baked for about 25 mins at 450. It was delicious–flavorful, satisfying, and not too heavy. Great simple meal!


One response to “Spanakopita calzone

  1. Hmmm . . . I have spinach and onion and feta. Maybe I should get a dough going.

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