Banana bread inspiration

The inspiration may have come from reading about tea sandwiches just before I went to the fridge. I really went to get strawberries to cut up for strawberry shortcake for dessert. When I moved them I saw the tiny container of leftover cream cheese. I pulled it out to throw away since I don’t have any bagels. Then I saw the banana bread.

Toast a slice of banana bread (in a toaster oven, not a regular toaster).

Spread with cream cheese.

Top with slices of fresh strawberries.

It works without the strawberries too, but since they are in season, why not have them.

If you were still just down the road, it’s a snack we would enjoyed afternoons with tea when I wandered over to see if you were home because K. and I just needed to get out of the house. It would also make a good, quick breakfast with coffee some morning when we’ve stayed up too late drinking wine after the kids go to bed.

I suspect I’ll be baking banana bread again soon.


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